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CanineCrib: The Dog Corner

Did you know that when you bring your dog home for the first time, you joined a club of over 62,965,745 dog lovers just in the United States alone? That’s a large group of people to belong to and they all share the same interest- DOGS!

We will explore registered dog breeds, explain the different traits, characteristics and temperaments. We will help you understand how to communicate effectively with your dog, and most importantly how to stay Alpha within your pack.

There will be featured articles, items of interest, a photo gallery, forums and tips on how to make your life with your dog worthwhile. Canine Crib will not only entertain you during your stay, but we will also educate you into the wonderful world of Dog Owners! Welcome on board!

Story Of The Month

Becoming a foster parent to Chloe
I had the pleasure of babysitting my friends’ Rhodesian ridgeback for 3 months whilst they headed overseas.

Please email all stories to caninecrib@caninecrib.com

Featured Articles

Indestructible Dog Toys
Indestructible dog toys, is there really such an item in existence? One geared to withstand the onslaught of an animal with teeth equipped to chew, tear, cut and grind whatever is before him.



What to consider when choosing a puppy
Puppies…just that one word can light up a child’s face with a smile. This is a guide for you to use if you are considering adding a puppy to your life.



Barking Mad - Stop dog barking
Is there anything more annoying than a barking dog in the middle of the night? Find out why your dog is barking and how you can stop it

More Dog Articles

Trivia Fix - Amazing Dog Facts

"The most intelligent dogs are said to be Border Collies, Poodles and Golden Retrievers"

Dog pictures wanted!

I am setting up a dog photo gallery page and require more dog pictures. If any one would like to contribute please use the form below and submit your pictures.

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